Think Carefully About Loans!

Student loans may be necessary to help you afford the costs of college, but they can cost you a lot, and you may be repaying them for many years to come! Not all loans are created equal. Some have much higher interest rates (how much extra money you will have to pay back) and stricter repayment terms. Generally, federal loans are a better bet than private student loans.

Before you sign any student loan agreement, make sure you read and understand every word in it! It’s a really good idea to hire an accountant or financial planner to help you read through these contracts. A couple hundred dollars now could save you thousands down the road!

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There should be contact information for your school's financial aid officer on your Financial Aid package. Don't be shy about calling them or making an appointment to go and see them in person. They are usually friendly, knowledgeable people who want to help you afford to go to their college.