Make Sure Your Application was Successful

Just because you pressed “submit” on the FAFSA, DREAM application, or Chafee application, that doesn’t mean you’re all done. Keep your eyes on your email – you should receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) or California Aid Report (CAR) within two weeks. You can also check the status of your FAFSA at the FAFSA website and the status of your Cal Grant at the California Student Aid Commision’s WebGrants4Students website. If there were errors in your application, or you forgot to sign it, you may need to go back and fix it.

You may be asked to verify some of the information you listed in your financial aid applications. Make sure you respond to any emails relating to your applications promptly, and include any documents they ask for. If you don’t, you might not get your money!

California Student Aid Commission Email Phone: (888) 224-7268
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If something has gone wrong on your application, or your Student Aid Report has not yet arrived, contact the FAFSA help line or California Student Aid Commission by phone at (888) 224-7268 or by email at