Financial Aid Campaigns and Workshops

Hosting financial aid campaigns, Cash for College events, and college fairs are all excellent ways to reach your students with important information about getting financially ready for college and understanding what grants, loans, and scholarships are available. These events are also great opportunities to advise students and parents on the importance of completing FAFSA and Cal Grant applications.

College Gold Rush recommends these best practices for your school or district to implement in order to maximize student access to financial aid:


Organize a year-long Financial Aid Campaign


Host a Cash for College Event at your school or district


Designate a WebGrants Administrator at every district AND every school and offer Webgrants training for counselors


Offer classroom visit information sessions (during senior government/economics class) to present about the FAFSA, Dream Act, Cal-Grants, WebGrants and Scholarship Opportunities


Create a buddy system (teacher-to-student or student-to-student) or a homeroom vs. homeroom competition in order to incentivize FAFSA completion


Order free materials from CSAC (brochures, posters, checklists, and more!) to distribute to students and to use during Financial Aid season


Use social media to disseminate information and to engage students and parents; get on Twitter, post to Facebook, use Youtube.  Federal Student Aid offers great ready-made social media samples that you can copy and start using today to improve FAFSA completion in your district