Cal Grants, Dream & FAFSA Applications

So you want to help your students get a Cal Grant? Great decision! That’s the best way to increase their chances at being able to afford a California-based college, university, or technical school. Students can receive up to $13,000+ PER YEAR through Cal Grants, and since it’s a grant – not a loan – they don’t ever need to pay it back. The amount varies by year and by college, and students can be eligible for up to 4 years. Follow these simple steps to help them secure their awards:


Make sure ALL of your students fill out the FAFSA or the California DREAM Act Application


Request that your high school submits ALL seniors’ GPAs electronically through its Webgrants account. BEST PRACTICE: Encourage your school district to submit ALL seniors’ GPAs electronically through WebGrants.


Encourage students to verify their GPA and monitor through WebGrants that their information is matched.

Other types of Applications

CSS Profile The CSS Profile is an alternative financial aid application administered by the college board. It asks for a slightly more detailed picture of a family’s finances than does the FAFSA. Families should only fill out the CSS Profile if a college to which they are applying specifically requests it. Learn more